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Criterion (vi): Kunta Kinteh Island and related sites, the villages, remains of European settlements, the forts and the batteries, were directly and tangibly associated with the beginning and the conclusion of the slave trade, retaining its memory related to the African Diaspora.Integrity The six parts of the serial nomination together present a testimony to the main periods and facets of the Afro-European encounter along the River Gambia, a continuum that stretched from pre-colonial and pre-slavery times to the period of independence and in particular to the beginning and the abolition of the slave trade, as well as documenting the functions of the early access route to the inland of Africa. All the sites except the was restored in 1996 and is in a good state of conservation.

This later period illustrates yet another European rivalry that spread to the African continent.source: UNESCO/ERI Description is available under license CC-BY-SA IGO 3.0 ジェームズ島はアフリカ西部を流れるガンビア川の中にある島。ガンビア川は、古くからの重要な通商路で、ジェームズ島と近隣のポルトガル人の教会遺跡や小住居地跡などの6遺跡は、ガンビア川沿いにアフリカとヨーロッパとが出合った時期や事実を如実に物語っている。前植民地時代や前奴隷時代から独立までの様相を読みとることができ、特に奴隷貿易の開始と廃止との関係や、アフリカ内部への接近ルートや移送方法を記録する遺跡は重要である。 source: NFUAJ Kunta Kinteh is een klein bewoond en versterkt eiland in de monding van de Gambia, die uitkomt in de Atlantische oceaan.Het eiland werd een van de eerste culturele uitwisselingszones tussen Afrika en Europa dankzij ontdekkingsreizigers en handelaren die een zeeroute naar India zochten.Its location in the middle of the river made it a strategic place to control the waterway.Visited by explorers and merchants in their search for a sea route to India it became one of the first cultural exchange zones between Africa and Europe.

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